Bringing Health, Environment and Water together

We provide environmental and public health advice and services for Governments, organisations and communities including investigations, & surveys, health impact assessments, water safety plans. We include drinking water assessors and environmental health specialists

We can provide an in depth knowledge and expertise in a number of areas including
  • Public health and drinking water safety.
  • Public health investigations and surveys.
  • Public health issues in climate change
  • Water safety plan (WSP) Advice to water supply owners and operators
  • Audit advice for environmental health services
  • staff training and competency assessments in public health.
  • Community consultation
  • School sanitation advice
  • Assistance with Food Control Plans

Our current work includes the Healthy Tonga Environments Project providing support to Tongan Ministry of Health including mentoring, up skilling and development of environmental health manual.

"we are working with HEW Consultants, a team of experienced public health inspectors, to provide the real life experience and expertise for mentoring colleagues in Tonga" ESR

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