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  • 13 April at 16:44 from facebook

    World Health Organization (WHO)

  • 11 April at 05:01 from facebook

    Get to know more about the Healthy Homes Standards for your rental property

  • 25 March at 16:19 from facebook

    Approaching storm during sampling run on the Port Hills this morning.

  • 25 March at 13:24 from facebook

    How to protect drinking-water – a documentary on developing a water safety plan in practice

  • 22 March at 07:02 from facebook

    Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right. 2.1 billion people live without safe water at home. This #WorldWaterDay, like every day, we must leave no one behind. http://www.worldwate

  • 19 March at 09:30 from facebook

    Healthy Tonga Environments update The overall goal of Health Tonga Environments project is a reduced burden of disease from exposure to environmental factors impacting on the health of people in Tonga

  • 18 March at 11:38 from facebook

    HEW directors have friendship and family connections to Canterbury's Muslim community. We have been pleased to provide support to purchase bulk food as well as petrol vouchers for distribution to volu

  • 16 March at 20:13 from facebook

    We were due to fly to the kingdom of Tonga next Monday for the Healthy Tonga Environments project. The events in Christchurch have forced us to postpone. We stand with the people of Christchurch