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  • 4 February at 12:14 from facebook

    Nitrates in ground water has been an inevitable consequence of land use intensification. This article raises important issues about this increasingly serious problem.

  • 2 February at 11:49 from facebook

    Could turning aquifers into managed reservoirs prevent water shortages and seawater contamination?

  • 2 February at 11:43 from facebook

    Drinking water arrives in Martinborough for annual fair after town supply contaminated

  • 1 February at 09:10 from facebook

    Canterbury irrigation scheme faces no penalties

  • 28 January at 10:18 from facebook

    As climate change starts to bed in, these occurrences will become more frequent with significant consequences for human health.

  • 25 January at 08:41 from facebook

    Health warnings have been issued for rivers in North Canterbury and the Selwyn district. The Canterbury District Health Board says a moderate cover of potentially toxic algae (benthic cyanobacteria) h

  • 22 January at 13:59 from facebook

    Rising inequality has a profound effect on public health. Reducing this (making our society more equal) would have a hugely beneficial effect on peoples health.